UPDATE on Dr. Raymond Frey’s new column for Combustus: AstroBlast: Science or Myth? Cosmic Ray Answers Your Questions About the Universe

Update on Dr. Raymond Frey‘s new column for Combustus: “AstroBlast: Science or Myth? Cosmic Ray Answers Your Questions About the Universe”:

We’ve so far received no fewer than 31 thoughtful and provocative questions from Combustus readers in response to Dr. Frey’s interview, Sifting Through Stardust: Conversations with Astrophysicist, Raymond Frey, in which he opened the conversation up to receive follow-up questions for my readers. Questions so far received range from Texas painter Steven DaLuz‘s:

“Does gravity affect the movement of time? We seem to experience the passage of time in a linear way…but, considering your description, is it possible that a sequence of events can be experienced simultaneously?”

…to the question Viennese lyrical abstract painter, Stefan Fiedorowicz asked of Ray:

“What is space for you? How many dimensions do you suppose exists in this space?”

to Adult Protective Services social worker Frank Latcham‘s query:

“If dark matter takes up three fourths of the universe, how come we don’t bump into it’?”

~ Delicious questions all! And Ray has informed me that he plans on answering each and every one! He is off for Costa Rica this week but will be ruminating over his responses… Stay tuned!

And by all means, keep those questions coming!

Thanks also for all the brilliant questions sent in from:

Amy Isler Gibson, Executive Director at Watershed Arts, Eugene, Oregon;

Sabrino Sollazzo, Milan, Italy;

Tia Brashears, Eugene, Oregon;

Anatoly Molotkov, co-editor of The Inflectionist Review, Portland, Oregon;

New York film-maker/photographer, Carolyn Marks Blackwood, founder of Magnolia Mae Films, and executive producer of Philomena (starring Judy Dench) and The Invisible Woman:

Contemporary figurative painter, Alexandra Manukyan;

Dorianne Laux, Professor/Poet at North Carolina State University;

Roy Chick, pilot;

Mike Lottridge, IT engineer;

Hugh McMunn, artist, rock climber, martial arts teacher and formerly senior planning analyst from New York, New York;

Agapi Chatzi, abstract mixed-media artist, Piraeus, Greece;

Dara Hurt, Rockland, Maine;

Pete Circenis, residential real estate appraiser, Chicago, Illinois;

Jingting, physics student, Canada;

Frank Zucco, sales manager, Colorado;

Eric Alan, music, arts and culture reporter for KLCC;

and my sister Elena McCollim, PhD candidate, researcher and policy analyst, San Diego, California!

~ Cannot wait to read Ray’s replies!

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