The Physicality of Feelings: Interview with Stephen Bauman, Sweden

 “Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.”
― George Carlin

“She’s a woman, you’re a dude. You’re not supposed to understand her. That’s not what she’s after…. She doesn’t want you to understand her. She knows that’s impossible. She just wants you to understand yourself. Everything else is negotiable.”
― Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash


     The Violinist | Oil on Canvas | Stephen Bauman | 2012

The Violinist | Oil on Canvas | Stephen Bauman | 2012




~ Mölndal, Sweden


Deanna Piowaty: Stephen, not all painters are able to capture the complex inner emotional life of men as well as they paint women, but you do this quite successfully and powerfully. What enables you to feel and communicate what so many others cannot?


Portrait of the Artist- Johnny Macgrogan Oil on Linen 2006 Stephen Bauman 566 not 700.jpg

Portrait of Johnny McGrogan | Oil on Canvas | 36 x 23 in | Stephen Bauman


Stephen Bauman: If there is anything that I have added to the observation of men it comes from thinking that they are no different from women. Strip away all of the stuff of life, put us into sensory deprivation tanks and I think that there is the same fragile flickering human spirit that makes us do all of the things that we do. I see the same needs and wants in both men and women.


Other Voices Pencil On Paper 2014 Stephen Bauman.jpg

Other Voices | Pencil On Paper | Stephen Bauman | 2014


Stephen Bauman: On this level I see us as the same. You can see this in the painting, When I Was Young. It is a painting of a young girl and her glowing finger. This painting is about the feeling of potential associated with youth. It is not by accident that the title and the image contain the obvious contradiction that it has. I am a man and the picture shows a young girl. How is this a picture of when I was young? The feeling is the same for each of us, the potential is the same.


<em>When I Was Young</em> | Oil on Canvas | Stephen Bauman |  2014

When I Was Young | Oil on Canvas | Stephen Bauman | 2014


Deanna Piowaty: You’ve said that your wife, classical realist painter, Cornelia Hernes, is your favorite subject to paint. Can you elaborate? Have you ever captured an aspect of her that startled you both?


640 not 700.jpg Cornelia Hernes Photograph by Anna Edlund & Markus Andersson

Cornelia Hernes | Photograph by Anna Edlund & Markus Andersson


Stephen Bauman: I think that my paintings of Cornelia are my way of spending more time with the woman that I love. In a world filled with any number of subjects that could be painted, I find that there is nothing that makes me feel as much as painting her. Like anyone who does what they love, I think that my love for her shows through in these paintings. 


 Like Lotus Leaves Oil | on Panel | 2012 | Stephen Bauman

Like Lotus Leaves | Oil on Panel | Stephen Bauman | 2012


Stephen Bauman: With all of my work, I aim to make a statement about the importance of emotional experience. Think about a life without emotion: it’s like dehydrated space food. The empty crunch of a substance made to just keep you alive. Granted, I’ve never eaten space food but this is my dystopian vision of it. By making paintings which are naturalistic and at the same time contain something unnatural (external lights, unmotivated value changes) [quote]I am making a world where feelings have a physical presence.[/quote]

Like Lotus Leaves is a painting of Cornelia that takes this shape. Sitting across from my wife, this is how she looks. With the addition of these glowing lights at the periphery of the image I am saying that when I look at her, there is something extra. In my eyes, in my vision, there is something magic about her. There is a swelling of emotion that I feel which reflects all of our experiences together. In six years together we have seen and done so much.

Deanna Piowaty: I’ve always been intrigued by the term “realist.” As it applies to painting, what are the parameters an artist must work within? Where is the line between what the artist perceives and what “is”? What is truth in painting?

Stephen Bauman: In painting we rely on personal truths. Think of someone who is a very positive person, an optimist. Their life and their actions are a reflection of this positivity. My paintings and drawings are the same, they reflect the way I feel about life. Being alive is a rich experience. There is a musician named Jonathan Richman whom this reminds me of. He is an undiluted fountainhead of human experience. In songs like Affection, Hospital, and Girlfriend, he is pouring out his feelings of desire and need for warmth, totally unaffected. There is such intense bravery in that action that people connect and see themselves in his lyrics.



Stephen Bauman: This happens because all of our diverse expressions come from some of the same needs. For me this is my greatest ambition as an artist, and when it happens, gives me the deepest gratification.


Gender Oil on Linen 2008  Stephen Bauman 700

Gender | Oil on Linen | 2008 | Stephen Bauman


Deanna Piowaty: You were born in the U.S, in Miami, Florida, but now reside in Mölndal, Sweden. What brought you to Sweden? What has captivated you most about that beautiful country?

Stephen Bauman: Sweden is a great place to live. We came to Sweden by way of a transfer from teaching at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, to the branch in Mölndal where we currently teach. Also to be closer to Cornelia’s family in Norway.

The best things I can refer to about Sweden are the other artists I have been able to work with at the academy here: Andreas Birath


Andreas Birath

Andreas Birath


Stephen Bauman: Amelia Meredith


Amelia Meredith

Amelia Meredith


Stephen Bauman: Marie Blom


Marie-Blom-Eldon 700

Marie Blom Eldon


Stephen Bauman: Joakim Ericsson


October Full Moon | Oil on canvas |  29 1/2 x 37 3/8 inches | 2010 |  Joakim ERICSSON (b. 1972)

October Full Moon | Oil on canvas | 29 1/2 x 37 3/8 inches | Joakim ERICSSON (b. 1972)


Stephen Bauman: And, last but not least, my wife Cornelia Hernes.


700 Morning Hour 70X100 cmred størelse.jpg

Morning Hour | 70X100 cm | Cornelia Hernes


Stephen Bauman: These are the people whom I spend my life with. For me, there is not a more important quality that I look for in a place to live than whom I spend my time with.  


Tender Object Oil on Canvas 2012

Tender Object (portrait of the artist’s wife)
Oil on Canvas




Further Notes

Stephen Bauman is Principle Instructor at The Florence Academy of Art
To view more of his work or contact him, please visit his website.
Gender Oil on Linen 2008  Stephen Bauman 700



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    Another wonderful interview Deanna. It looks like Steven paints truth from his heart. Wish to see his work in person some day soon.

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    Great article! His execution is amazing, and beautifully achieve his desired effect. His paintings really draw you in and provoke feeling.

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