13th May 2013
Jonna Ivin

Writer Jonna Ivin talks about hitting bottom, then finding her way back

"I was always watching my mother for signs of what mood she was in, so I became a very quiet child. You develop a good ear for dialog when you’re always monitoring what’s going on around you. You also get really good at hearing not only what’s been said, but also the undertones." ~Jonna Ivin, author of the ebook memoir, Will Love for Crumbs

21st Apr 2013

Judith Barrington ~ memoirist, poet, essayist; Portland, Oregon

“When I think of how women are portraying ourselves, I tend to think in terms of memoir, which is my primary focus as a writer now..." -- Judith Barrington

17th Nov 2012

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Jean Kwok

"I loved books like Anne of Green Gables and I identified with red-haired, freckled Anne because she was an outsider and always in trouble, like me. However, I didn’t come across any books about Chinese girls who lived in poverty at home while maintaining a façade at school, and maybe that’s one of the reasons I grew up to write my own stories." ~New York Times Best-Selling author, Jean Kwok

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