Sweet Gratitude

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”
~Albert Schweitzer




n this day when we allow ourselves pause from our over-stimulated, over-extended lives, to fully soak in the blessings of friendship and support from all who lift us up, I am overwhelmed as I look over the names of each of you who has come forward just over the past few weeks, letting me know, through private donations, that Combustus matters to you. So in gratitude, I say, Thank you! And may this coming year bless all my lovely friends and readers with what feeds and warms you most. Peace.


With gratitude to the following donors:


~ Carolyn Marks Blackwood, New York Filmmaker & fine art photographer
(Enjoy her interview in Combustus: “To Feel Less Alone“)



~ Samuel Peralta, Poet, physicist
(Enjoy Salvatore Ala’s interview with him in Combustus: “The Physics of Poetry“)
~ Elena McCollim, the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of California at San Diego

~ Christopher Dean, a new friend to Combustus

~ MaryAnne Kolton, writer for The Los Angeles Review of Books https://lareviewofbooks.org/contributor/maryanne-kolton

~ Jennifer C. McCarthy, outsider artist
(Enjoy her thoughtful interview in Combustus)



~Teresa Elliott, realist painter
(Her Combustus interview: “I have Dreams Where I Can Breathe Under Water“)


Deliverance | Teresa Elliott

Deliverance | Teresa Elliott


~ Lori L. Brown-Craig, fine artist

~ Jennifer McCurdy, porcelain artist
(View her exquisite work in this Combustus interview: “In Natural Time“)



Flame Vessel | Jennifer McCurdy


~ Julyan Davis, fine artist
(See his recent Combustus interview: “And the Stars Fell“)


Caleb Meyer Oil on canvas 31×35″ The singer-songwriter Gillian Welch kindly gave me permission to use her song ‘Caleb Meyer’ for the title of this painting. The first contemporary murder ballad in the series. Murder Ballad Monday ,as always, gives a thorough study of the song.

Caleb Meyer | Oil on canvas | Julyan Davis


~ Andres Orlowski, contemporary figurative painter and photographer
(Combustus interview: “In the Apex of Love and Suffering.“)



~ Tom Chambers Photography, photographer
(My interview with him: “The Impossible Photography of Tom Chambers”)


Prom Gown 3 Tom Chambers

Prom Gown 3 | Tom Chambers


~ Anatoly Molotkov, poet
(The Combustus interview: “What Is, What Could Be, and What Can Never Be“)

~ Katie O’Hagan, figurative painter
(Enjoy her fascinating interview in Combustus: “And Down Came the Spiders“)



~ Kerry Holjes, writer & editor, retired

~ Conor Walton, fine artist
(Andres Orlowski’s in-depth interview of him for Combustus: “Access to Incandescence“)


Fire Spirit oil on linen, 36 x 36 inches, 2012 collection of the artist

Fire Spirit| oil on linen | 36 x 36 inches | Conor Walton


~ Anna Schantz, movement educator, formerly psychotherapist http://zensationfitness.com/

~ Aron Wiesenfeld, painter
(See his Combustus interview: “Don’t Look Now, But We’re No Longer On Solid Ground“)


Guest | oil on canvas |15 x 18 | Aron Wiesenfeld

Guest | oil on canvas |15 x 18 | Aron Wiesenfeld


~ Stanka Kordic, fine artist
(Her Combustus interview: “For Beauty’s Sake“)



~ Steven Kenny, surrealist figurative painter
(“The Fantasic Works of Steven Kenny,” his interview in Combustus)



Crux | Steven Kenny


~ Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, multi-media artist
(The Combustus interview: “Closer to Wildness“)



~ Vincent Xeus, figurative painter
(Enjoy his lovely Combustus interview, “I Was the First to Fall In Love”)


Julia, 17.5x14, Vincent Xeus

Julia | 17.5×14 | Vincent Xeus


~ Steven DaLuz, fine artist
(Check out his Combustus interview: “Metalheads“)



~ Grete Semb Kempton, self-employed business owner, Oslo, Norway

~ Maria Kreyn, fine artist
(Her enchanting interview in Combustus)



~ Kelly Rees, intimacy counselor, artist
(Her thoughtful interview in Combustus: “Embracing Intimacy“)

~ Aleah Chapin, figurative painter
(Her thoughtful Combustus interview)



Laugh | Aleah Chapin


~ Jennifer Balkan, figurative painter
(Enjoy my interview with her: “To Live An Artful Life: Laugh“)



~ Yuko Ishii, mixed-media photographer
(See her Combustus interview.)


i find you Yuko Ishil

I Will Find You | Yuko Ishii


~ Edison Jennings, beautiful human being

~ Mona Turner, lovely new friend to Combustus


A blessing! Each and every one of you.


~ Fondly,



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