This seems the perfect time and place then to give special thanks to those who donated to Combustus magazine our very first year out: poet and editor Carolyn A. Martin; photographer Andy Schmitt; and poet Salvatore Ala.

And a special, special thank you to each of you who have come forward over the years, letting me know, through private donations, that Combustus is meaningful to you and worth your support. In gratitude, I say, Thank you! And may this coming year bless all of you lovely friends with what feeds and warms you most. Peace.

~ Carolyn Marks Blackwood, New York Filmmaker & fine art photographer
~ Samuel Peralta, poet, physicist
~ Christopher Dean, a new friend to Combustus
~ Elena McCollim, Grant Proposal Manager at the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of California at San Diego
~ MaryAnne Kolton, writer, reviewer for The Los Angeles Review of Books
~ Andy - AW Schmitt, photographer
~ Jennifer C. McCarthy, outsider artist
~ Laura M. Smith, archetypal dreamwork practitioner
~ Alexandra Tyng, realist painter
~ Dean Campbell, fine artist
~ Lori L. Brown-Craig, fine artist
~ Jennifer McCurdy, porcelain artist
~ Betsy (Elizabeth) Bensen, designer, metalsmith
~ Julyan Davis, fine artist
~ Candace Moore
~ Maureen Gibbon, novelist
~ Andres Orlowski, contemporary figurative painter and photographer
~ Tom Chambers, photographer
~ Pamela Wilson, figurative painter
~ Anatoly Molotkov, poet
~ Laura Osgood
~ John Taylor Batey, supporter of the arts
~ John Ebel, fine artist}
~ Riko Colin Chock, artist
~ Katie O'Hagan, figurative painter!recent-works/cay5
~ Kerry Holjes, writer & editor, retired
~ Conor Walton, fine artist
~ Anna Schantz, movement educator, formerly psychotherapist
~ Aron Wiesenfeld, painter
~ Stanka Kordic, fine artist
~ Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, multi-media artist
~ Vincent Xeus, figurative painter
~ Steven DaLuz, fine artist…
~ Grete Semb Kempton, self-employed business owner, Oslo, Norway
~ Maria Kreyn, fine artist
~ Kelly Rees, intimacy counselor, artist
~ Aleah Chapin, figurative painter
~ Jennifer Balkan, painter
Adrienne Stein, figurative painter
~ Richard Siegelman, photographer and university professor
~ Salyna Gracie, mixed-media artist, curator at Confluence Gallery and Art Center
~ Mona Turner, lovely new friend to Combustus
~ Nancy Viebrock
~ Yuko Ishii, mixed-media artist
~ Edison Jennings, beautiful human being!

And for all of you who have taken the time to give the artists and me precious feedback, letting us know how you have been affected by what you've found here: A great big thank you.

All of you make the work that goes into publishing this magazine so worthwhile. You help keep the passion bubbling.

With gratitude,