Samuele Papiro, Physical Therapist; Venice, Mestre, Italy


rt is the dream life of humanity, both ugly and beautiful. You cannot represent the dark but with light. My photos are dark, but if you see me, it is because there exists light.


Samuele Papiro, Photo by the artist's sister, Rachele, Venice

Samuele Papiro, Photo by the artist’s sister, Rachele, Venice


I think that the artist must show the human condition, perhaps even those whom we do not want to see.


Photo: Samuele Papiro

Photo: Samuele Papiro


I have a background in physiotherapy. When I worked with vegetative states and post-coma, I saw something on the edge between life and death. The artist’s job is to discover the limits.


Samuele Papiro

Photo: Samuele Papiro

I don’t know what I am going to create until right when I put on the color, the thinner, or take the camera. I know that I want to talk about the body, but almost never decide what to do, even if the face and body are the elements that are repeated. I like to deepen this question: What is the difference between a living body and a dead body?


Samuele Papiro, self-portrait, colorpack II - polaroid 100 seppia

Samuele Papiro, self, colorpack II – polaroid 100 seppia


View my work. What do you see? What does your soul tell you? Listen.

You might see suffering in my photos; but I see the light that allows me to be seen.



I like to show my soul in my work; to do this I have to go to a level of thought other than causal logic. For me there is only the body and the metaphors that the body creates to communicate with others.


Samuele Papiro

Samuele Papiro


Yes, I have a very strong intellectual part to my being. The images, however, are a necessity. It’s like when you love, in words you can say many things; but love is transmitted via another, deeper level.


Photo: Samuele Papiro; Voltars; Italy

Photo: Samuele Papiro; Voltarsi; Venice, Italy


I had a very strong religious upbringing from which I removed myself. But I’ve always been a sensitive child, always thought of life and death.


As a physical therapist, I’ve worked with children with neurological disease, also with the elderly. Always with the body and suffering. Of both patients and relatives. I choose to stay in the center of the storm.


Samuele Papiro:  "father and mother"

Samuele Papiro: Father and Mother


Art is a necessity. It is all about how you relate to others in an intimate way. Deep. True. Sometimes we play and laugh; but I think the other person’s reality and mine are likely to encounter one another in the deep.


Samuele Papiro  dalla serie - tra le mani

Samuele Papiro, dalla serie – tra le mani


I believe that art can show that we are all in the same condition. We are all mortal and dying; we know that we must die. This tells us that we are alive; does it not? 

The dark side, suffering, the shadowy side, is part of each single person and of humanity. Humanity has ghosts which it refuses to see. Art shows it.

Samuele Papiro

Samuele Papiro

The body in a vegetative state is not dead because it breathes; yet it is not fully alive either, because it is not able to have a relationship with the world. The soul, in this case, is in the people who love that body.


As an artist, I see everything. I see a woman’s sexy legs and I see people die. This and that is life. What do you see? This is important. What I see is relative. What you see matters too. The artist’s job is to create a common map.

In this territory:

I see the black sea.
I see the storm.
I see the bodies that swim.
I smell a woman’s smile.
I touch a sick person who looks at death.
I listen to the sound of my soul.
I listen to the sound of your soul.
I just want silence.
One body.
The body of this world.

I try to portray in my work what it means to be alive. The baby opens his mouth. The lover’s mouth opens. Who lives opens his mouth.

You’re breathing now, yes? Breathe! Taste! Enter the world. Scream! Either of joy or pain, but scream!



Art is not to create an image, or even an emotion. Art is the soul of people undermining what it is to not live consciously. The job of art is to shake people from their sleep, to show the human condition. To do this through an aesthetic structure is art.

Altrove è sempre Sé

Altrove è sempre Sé
Nessun questo corpo
perchè questo corpo sono e non ho.
Posso scivolare nel vero e nel falso
saranno opinioni.
…la mia lavagna si chiama Indicibile
il mio gesso Urlo
Sono un gesto unico
dall utero di mia madre all’ultimo respiro.
se esiste un Io è la somma dei miei perché
la somma di tutti i Noi che ho vissuto.
Esiste solo Noi.
Le parole e tutte le altre immagini
sono metafore.
altrove non esisterà mai.
perchè altrove è sempre Sé


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