The Extraordinary Time of Jay Parnell David Jon Kassan: Painting a Different Kind of Beautiful The Inexplicable Paintings of Rafel Bestard Little Deaths: Spain's Miguel Angel Moya Paints Creatures Under Glass ASTROBLAST: How Citizen Science is Increasing Our Understanding Of the Universe Making A Difference: Community Visionaries We Were All Women in the Womb: Icelandic Drag Performers On Feminism and Free Expression The Visitation | 18 x 18 | Ali Cavanaugh Just Be Yourself, You Are Wonderful: Modern Fresco Painter Ali Cavanaugh On Finding Forgiveness and Freedom Handsome Devils: Alessandro Tomassetti on Painting the Sensual Man "Beauty Is Not Perfection, It Is Sublimating the Imperfect": Interview with Helene Delmaire, France Maya | Stanka Kordic For Beauty's Sake: Interview with Croatian-American Figurative Painter Stanka Kordic Something Lost, Something New: Interview with Painter Maya Kulenovic

Combustus: "Where other conversations about art leave off, ours just begins."


Just over eight years ago I launched Combustus on-line arts and literary magazine. My dream: to create a unique vehicle for artists and visionaries from all genres and all over the globe to inspire and learn from one another.

Deanna Phoenix Selene

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Mike Worrall - Tutt'Art_fi

Adrift in Surreal Waters: The Paintings of Australia’s Mike Worrall

NightFlight Thomas Dodd featured

Thomas Dodd, Photographer, Mythmaker


Metalheads: Brad Kunkle, Brooklyn, New York

Mike_Adams_9-12-13 mandarin orange featured image

The Quietest Moments: Thirty days of destruction

featured image

The Fiercely Gentle Artwork of Olivia Pendergast


David Jon Kassan: Painting a Different Kind of Beautiful

Daniel Heikalo   Feuille sur souche featured image

Daniel Heikalo, photographer/musician, Quebec: Our Beautiful Decay…

Daniel Heikalo October 24 2012  Feuille sur souche featured image

The Place for Unhappiness: Interview with Bulgarian poet, Peycho Kanev

Laila featured image .jpg

Laila Bell, Sculptor, New South Wales

"Combustus feels like an expression of my soul, it hearkens to a greater need within me.."
~ April


"From the captivating interviews to the stunning art forms, I find myself feeling very invigorated every time I visit the site. Thanks so much for the quality of work you share on here."

Thank you very much Deanna! The quality of your Magazine is amazing and I'm delighted to collaborate with you. I love your work. Best regards!!
~Miguel Angel

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