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Just over eight years ago I launched Combustus on-line arts and literary magazine. My dream: to create a unique vehicle for artists and visionaries from all genres and all over the globe to inspire and learn from one another.

Deanna Phoenix Selene

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Dino Valls

What’s on Dino Valls’ Mind?

Ken Law

Ken Law, Outsider Artist, Taiwan

Jonna Ivin

Writer Jonna Ivin talks about hitting bottom, then finding her way back

Feauteed image At Dawn 2013 oil on canvas over panel 60 x 48 inches Keita Morimoto 498 not 700

The Anatomy of Longing: Interview with Figurative Painter Keita Morimoto

DAniel Barkley featured image

Daniel Barkley, Allegorical Figurative Painter, Quebec

the_raft_of_the_medusa featured image.jpg

Down the Rabbit Hole with Symbolist Painter Gail Potocki

Li Wei

Contemporary Beijing Artist, Li Wei: “I’m like a meteorite, unstable and dangerous. This is the status of the globalized world”

featured image: Why Beauty Matters

Why Beauty Matters: Philosopher Roger Scruton & Theologian, Painter, Michael Pearce On Why We Need to Reclaim Art for the Soul

D'amour et d'eau fraiche featured image helene.jpg

“Beauty Is Not Perfection, It Is Sublimating the Imperfect”: Interview with Helene Delmaire, France

"Combustus feels like an expression of my soul, it hearkens to a greater need within me.."
~ April


"From the captivating interviews to the stunning art forms, I find myself feeling very invigorated every time I visit the site. Thanks so much for the quality of work you share on here."

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