Milo Klaassen, photographer, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Milo Klaassen, photographer, Nijmegen, Netherlands:

“I’m twenty-one years old and have been taking pictures for about three years now. I started with taking pictures of flowers and things like that. But I wanted to create something more personal; I wanted to use my pictures to tell stories.”


Milo Klaassen Denmark 2001

Milo Klaassen Denmark 2001

Someone close to me left and never returned. These photos show the emotions I felt when I was in that situation.

Sometimes you are so attached to someone that you have the feeling you couldn’t live without them. When you love a person, you want to share all your time with him/her. You don’t consider that one day it might be over. And then when, for some reason, that person decides to leave you, you feel broken and alone. I don’t think you can really prepare yourself for something like that.

With my work I try to translate the emotions that I know well into pictures. For my “Leaving” series, the dark colours and scratches helped convey what I was feeling.


Milo Klaassen Denmark 2001

Milo Klaassen, Netherlands 2001

I achieve the weathered effect on the surface of my photographs by using textures. I often use 3 or 4 textures for one photo. Because of some scratches or spots you can feel the emotion.


Milo Klaassen Denmark 2001

Milo Klaassen, Netherlands, 2001


Creating these images helped me with letting go.

Because of the emotional part of my photos, I hope people start seeing their own stories in the photos. I often hear that people recognize themselves in my work. That’s what I love about photography.”


"Chained for life." Milo Klaassen, Ukraine, 2011



Photograph: Milo Klaassen, Denmark 2011



 Milo Klassen, Denmark,2001


Lost, Milo Klaassen


Photograph: Milo Klasseen, Denmark, 2001


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Milo Klaassen, photographer, Nijmegen, Denmark:…



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