Making A Difference: Community Visionaries

After a mural is finished, people will begin to picnic in front of the painting. It is almost impossible not to look at it if you are passing by. Whereas in an indoor space, you only enter if you intend to. There is less opportunity for encountering the artwork.” ~ Dante Horoiwa, Japanese-Brazilian painter, profiled in Combustus magazine

In the coming months, look for interviews in Combustus magazine with individuals whose innovative efforts to improve the quality of life for others are quietly transforming our communities.

What does it take for a city to be culturally rich? For its citizens to not just survive but actually thrive?

Who are the people in your community who are truly making a meaningful difference?

If there’s someone whose efforts you believe should be spotlighted here, message us at our Facebook Combustus fan page. There are amazing individuals in communities all around the globe doing truly inspiring work. Let’s hear about it.

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