Through Beseeching Eyes and Beautiful Bodies


hen Frida Kahlo‘s tragic bus accident left her bedridden and isolated from her teenage peers, she took to painting. There, in the isolation of her hospital room, she began an inward journey which would produce some of the most fantastical work the world has ever known.

So also when you step inside the world and works of the two contemporary painters introduced here, Steven Kenny and Pamela Dzaet, we sense a similar mix of aching brilliance. Stories told through beseeching eyes and beautiful bodies working to free themselves from physical and emotional strain and constraints. So powerfully told, these narratives, that their struggle becomes ours. And so also, our prayers for their liberation.



The Fantastic Works of Steven Kenny

‘Being an artist can be an extremely lonely journey. The worst thing an artist can do is shut themselves off from the rest of the art world and wallow in their own creativity and draw only from their own relatively shallow well of inspiration. The best advice I could give would be to look at as much art as possible. Always study art history. Keep abreast of the art being created now.”
~contemporary American painter, Steven Kenny


Pamela Dzaet Hill: How Agoraphobia Birthed a Painter

“I was agoraphobic for most of my life, beginning in my twenties and ending around the fifty-year mark. That is why you will rarely see a landscape in any of my paintings, I don’t really know what it looks like. I don’t understand it. People, on the other hand, I understand.”
~ contemporary oil painter, Pamela Dzaet



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