15th Jan 2019
John Stanazzi

Let Me Tell You About My Father…

I invited some of the special people I know ~ from poets whose work has appeared in Combustus magazine to a dancer friend of mine who immigrated from Hungary ~ to share with us some of the wisdom they’ve received over the years from their fathers as well as what has been passed on to their own children.

02nd Jul 2018

We Were All Women in the Womb: Icelandic Drag Performers On Feminism and Free Expression

"Gender is a social construct and drag breaks it down and reconstructs it."

13th Feb 2018

For the Love of Music and Beauty: Interview with Singer, Songwriter, Halie Loren

"...And you are reminded of just how strong this medium is and yet also how little it has to do with you. You realize that it's not just about you." ~ Halie Loren

26th Apr 2014

To Remain Astonished: Interview with Concert Pianist Antonio Pompa-Baldi

"There is nothing more astonishing, and rewarding, than to play through a work you've played hundreds of times, and all of a sudden discover a new hidden line..."

25th Jan 2014

Daniel Heikalo, photographer/musician, Quebec: Our Beautiful Decay…

"Decay and impermanence are states that are definitely a big part of what I portray as a photographer. There is much beauty in the derelict."

14th Jul 2013

An Artist Dreamed: Interview with Ethiopian painter Yared Nigussu

I was in France at the time and I met a young guy in my French class. And he was an ex-child soldier. I saw him as always really sad. You didn't ever see a smile on his face. We'd go for coffee or a drink, and one day I just asked him, "Hey man, why don't you ever smile?" And he just explained to me that his childhood was stolen from him. I told him that if I was a writer I would write something, but I am a painter. So I painted his portrait.

14th Jul 2013

Creating in Community

Something happens when we get together to create. What could otherwise remain static begins to evolve organically. A co-mingling that forever alters the recipe. Chemicals react. There is a sense of something building, bubbling. The unpredictable. That which cannot entirely be controlled. Nor should it.

08th Jun 2013
Wilhelm Matthies

Wilhelm Matthies, Visual Artist and Teacher

"After playing with prepared guitars, and later prepared mandolin, I realized that perhaps I could create an instrument that would suit what and how I wanted to play" ~ Wilhelm Matthies

07th Jun 2013

Matteo Marchisano-Adamo, Narrative Filmmaker, Hollywood

"With the Internet and the advancements in technology and equipment, a new breed of moviemakers is evolving. This helps in making it an art again – it makes it democratic. It has been a long time coming, but now the technology and quality of the image and sound have surpassed storytelling. Now we need to relearn now to tell stories. We are still telling old stories." ~Matteo Marchisamo-Adamo, Hollywood filmmaker, musician

25th May 2013

Trumpeter Erin Yanacek: Blowing Out the “Brass Ceiling”

Yanacek says that when she performs, she'll typically choose one person out of the audience to play to. "Someone who happens to catch my eye. There are no similarities between whom I choose, but I make it the goal of my concert to move that person and to help them see the beauty of life through this art, through this shared experience."

25th May 2013

Luca Bergero, Music Therapist, Composer, Field Recorder, Italy

Music therapy has allowed me to figure out how I can live a life of purpose by serving really unlucky people. That’s what has saved me.

10th May 2013

Isolda, Singer-Songwriter, Pianist in London, England

Composing music for me can be a very concrete way of immortalizing a powerful feeling or event by encoding it into a song. When you hear the song, it can take you right back to that particular moment when you wrote it, what you were feeling, what the weather was like that day, your mood.

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