Kirsten Stingle: Into the Shadows

“In this new collection of artwork I’m doing, ‘Shadow Circus,’ I follow the tradition of southern storytellers and looking at the shadow self. There’s a lot that’s going on subconsciously, and I’m trying to push it into my work. We all have a polite veneer yet we also all contain tragedy and brutality and absurdity. Most of the time we try to hide that.”
~Kirsten Stingle, ceramicist

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New Works by Aron Demetz

Aron Demetz

Aaron Demetz, previously featured in the Combustus piece, “We the Innocents,” (for a reposting, see below) has several new distressed wood sculptures on exhibit at Gazelli Art House in London, starting March 28th. Along with fellow sculptor Shan Hur, Demetzis is featured in the exhibit The Tainted.

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