17th Jul 2017

Gary Briechle, Rockland, Maine: Wet-plate Collodion Camera Slows Life Down Into Intimate Moments

"When I make a photograph, it has the feeling of a miracle. Almost like a zen thing. The good pictures, I can’t take full credit for them. You don’t make a photograph so much as receive it. I wander around with my eyes open, and I’m just hoping for the best. Sometimes things that you’d never think would be special, you just hit upon, not fully understanding at the time why." ~Gary Briechle, photographer, Rockland, Maine

16th Jun 2016
Jonathan Mechanicus

The Ungraspable Shadow

"If you look at my work, you will notice I hide my models a lot. And because I hide them. I am able to show more.” ~ Photographer Jonathan Mechanicus, Netherlands

29th Jul 2014

To Feel Less Alone: Interview with New York Filmmaker, Fine Art Photographer, Carolyn Marks Blackwood

"There are so many ways that human beings are the same, and yet people feel very alone in their own stories. When you are able to tell a story, whether it be photographically or in film, that touches a core story in people, they and you react. They feel recognized and understood and you feel so much less alone in the world."

06th Feb 2014

Thomas Dodd, Photographer, Mythmaker

"I have realized that everyone has something beautiful or intriguing about them in some way. My job is to find that and enhance it."

26th Jan 2014

In the Apex of Love and Suffering: Interview with Painter and Photographer Andres Orlowski

I think when one is in the apex of love or suffering it is difficult to understand the ride. Patience. And then perhaps the reward: the value of solitude.

20th Jul 2013

Between a Dancer and a Camera: The Photography of David Cooper

To create in light and line, capture emotion as it whispers across a face, energy as it tightens then loosens a body… David Cooper received no formal training in this, but instead gained his technique and sensitive eye through the matter of clocking in hours with his camera. He shows his subjects, the dancers, his proofs, listens carefully to their feedback, and makes whatever adjustments are needed. It’s a simple give-and-take. Generous from both sides. One might even call it a dance.

15th Jun 2013
Tom Chambers

The Impossible Intentions of Tom Chambers, Photographer

"The juxtaposition of the probable with the improbable creates a sense of magic. The artist’s role is to create those moments of wonder which open doors to possibilities." ~ Tom Chambers

07th Jun 2013

Matteo Marchisano-Adamo, Narrative Filmmaker, Hollywood

"With the Internet and the advancements in technology and equipment, a new breed of moviemakers is evolving. This helps in making it an art again – it makes it democratic. It has been a long time coming, but now the technology and quality of the image and sound have surpassed storytelling. Now we need to relearn now to tell stories. We are still telling old stories." ~Matteo Marchisamo-Adamo, Hollywood filmmaker, musician

18th May 2013

When Art Disturbs

Art as reflection of the inner and outer life of the artist. We get that. But there is another relationship that occurs in the artistic dance that is equally important for understanding more about humanity and about ourselves: Our own personal response to the art we encounter. What this reveals to us about what we value. And sometimes even about what we fear.

18th May 2013
Samuele Papiro

Samuele Papiro, Physical Therapist; Venice, Mestre, Italy

“Art is the dream life of humanity, both ugly and beautiful. You cannot represent the dark but with light. My photos are dark, but if you see me, it is because there exists light." -- Samuele Papiro

18th May 2013

The Aesthetics of Andrzej Dragan

“I like that art is artificial and that’s all I have to say about that. I also don’t particularly enjoy discussing about myself. The photographs I do are neither provoked, nor inspired; so I guess they somehow reflect the way I am.”

11th May 2013
deborah parkin

Wet Plate Collodion Photos Slow the Rush of Childhood

"When I look through the camera, I don’t just see the child in front of me but I feel the child that I was inside of me. I remember that it’s not always easy being a child, and that childhood, like adulthood, encapsulates an array of emotions. I believe that photographing my children has allowed me to remember this, and I do wonder if I hadn’t had such a connection through my photography, would I have been as in tune with them as I am now. Hopefully, I would have been, but I do feel this has definitely made me empathize with them on a much stronger level."

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