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“I hear colors,” says free improviser guitarist and composer, Jaakko Savolainen. “White is a tense sound. Like waiting for something. Black is very slow and the lowest sound. Red has everything inside of it. Think of all possible feelings with their widest possible meanings! Passion!”

No surprise that this Finnish musician who records under the name, Alvari Lune, is also a painter. But Savolainen says that while he typically painted with vibrant colors when he was young, eventually the intense hues became too much for him. “I started to feel them too strongly. I began feeling sick when painting. So nowadays I mostly paint with black and white. I can use red sometimes too. But when I was young, I painted big yellow paintings.”

the sea below your feet

is a shape
of the sound
on the empty road
from the measure
to the measure
is a thought
a verbal creation

Can the rest of us learn to “see” music as Savolainen does? “I think it’s quite about jumping into the unknown with all emotions. Closing eyes and feeling with your heart more than ears can hear.”

Although classically trained in guitar and exposed while very young to composers like J.S.Bach and Krystoff Penderecki, Savolainen says he never liked to play “someone else’s music or to repeat music that is already done.”

For Jaakko it was all about the spontaneity of “wild free jazz recordings” such as the likes of John Coltrane and Cecil Taylor. “I think it’s more about giving a chance to the unexpected without resisting where music is going to take you. Allowing yourself to follow the notes into the journey of unknown. Feeling with your whole being without any limits.”

“Jaakko’s music is an emotional stream in constant evolution,” says Italian composer, Emiliano Pietrini, who records under the name, Globoscuro, “Jaakko’s radical improvisation is like an illumination. Images and sensations evolving according to the rhythm that explodes from the heart of the performer. A perpetual motion of inspiration. What you hear is a kind of struggle: The thoughts expressed by each instrument fighting among themselves. But it is a harmonic struggle harmonic. A quiet chaos…a shiny madness.”

A shout that is quiet.. Soundless..
Is not silent.
It grows inwards
and is therefore

~Jaakko Savolainen








Further Notes:

Jaakko Savolainen’s “Alvari Lume” album is available through Reverbnation:
He currently is recording his new album of improvisational guitar solos, this one featuring new ideas the artist has been exploring, among them a way of synchronizing rhythm with breath.




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