16th Jun 2016
Jonathan Mechanicus

The Ungraspable Shadow

"If you look at my work, you will notice I hide my models a lot. And because I hide them. I am able to show more.” ~ Photographer Jonathan Mechanicus, Netherlands

13th Apr 2013

When Tragedy Hits, Where Does Art Fit?

"Indigenous people believe that without artists, the tribal psyche would wither to death. Artistic ability, the capacity to heal, and the vision to see into the Other World are seen as connected. There is only a thin line between the artist and the healer. In fact, there is no word for art in the Dagara language. The closest term to it would be the same word as sacred." ~ Malidoma Some, The Healing Wisdom of Africa.

10th Mar 2013
Constellation - Mana

Light and Shadow: Update on Artist Kumi Yamashita

Artists were asked to create a portrait of someone they know personally who is still living. Yamashita’s winning entry is a portrait of her niece comprised of approximately 10,000 tiny nails on a wooden panel painted white and a single unbroken sewing thread.