27th Apr 2013
Julie Albers

Julie Albers, Cellist

I feel that when I'm completely "in the zone" performing, I need to exit the thoughts of the mind and go into a different place of listening, feeling and reacting. This is the state where I feel like I am an instrument for the music to speak through instead of having to "make the music."

27th Apr 2013

The Artistry of Morishige Yasumune

"I think that the best condition for improvisation is to play without thinking, just feeling and doing. Similar to meditation.” -- Morishige Yasumune

20th Apr 2013

Variety is the Spice: Interview with Avant-Garde Contra-Alto Vocalist, Alba Hyseni, Albania

"It’s almost as if the songs were already written and I am merely remembering them." ~Alba Hyseni

18th Feb 2013
Jago Thorne

Jago Thorne: Fieldhouse Artist of the Month

“Nothing gets you naked quicker than the feeling of an approaching ledge. I wrote most of the record while in bed dealing with an undiagnosed illness for an entire year. Maybe that’s the ‘purity’ factor you mention…which can be very risky because there is less self-reflection from a critical standpoint— it’s all from the gut. One part testimonial, one part alt-rock Americana.” ~New York singer-songwriter, Jago Thorne

18th Feb 2013

Seattle band, PICKWICK, profiled in Combustus, featured on NPR!

The soul-infused, Seattle-based band, PICKWICK, featured this morning on NPR's World Cafe: This week's World Cafe Next Artist.

09th Feb 2013
Fride Hanberger

New music out of Europe: Sweden’s Fride Hanberger, plus the Berkshire sounds of The Patient Wild

"We belong to the generation born too late for tall ships and too early for Starships, so we write songs that capture an idealized expression of that spirit of adventure." ~Ben Moxon: lead guitar and mandolin for the Berkshire band, The Patient Wild

18th Jan 2013

PICKWICK: Seattle’s soul-infused indie pop band has a way with words

There's something about an outsider who passes through your town and after just a few minutes performing on stage, claims that city as his own. Now give him an edgy Seattle vibe and a flair for smart lyrics, and you've got Galen Disston, lead vocals for the soul-infused, indie pop band, PICKWICK.

11th Jan 2013

Among Musicians: distinctly different artists share one lovely thing in common

"I have been making music my whole life. I grew up going to see my father play Blues in some of the same clubs that I play in today. When I was seven years old, I stopped wanting to be an astronaut and started wanting to be a musician. I’ve been completely obsessed with music ever since." ~Duncan Arsenault, indie folk musician, The Marshall Pass

27th Sep 2011

Alvari Lume, Free Improviser, Composer

A shout that is quiet.. Soundless..Is not silent. It grows inwards and is therefore stronger ~ Jaakko Savolainen