25th May 2013
dinh truong giang

The Folded Paper Sculptures of Dinh Truong Giang

"Imagine…Almost everything can be folded from a piece of paper. A piece of paper, no more, no less. The material is so simple, but the possibilities are endless." -- Dinh Truong Giang

19th May 2013

Why Beauty Matters: Philosopher Roger Scruton & Theologian, Painter, Michael Pearce On Why We Need to Reclaim Art for the Soul

Political philosopher, Hannah Arendt defined artworks as “thought things,” ideas given material form to inspire reflection and rumination. Dialog. Sometimes even discomfort. We know that art matters. But the question posed by modern philosophers such as Roger Scruton, of Oxford University, is, How do we want it to affect us?

19th May 2013

Why Beauty Matters: Philosopher Roger Scruton & Theologian, Painter, Michael Pearce On Why We Need to Reclaim Art for the Soul, Part II

"We cannot reach a consensus on the definition of beauty, any more than on the definition of other such volatile terms. But we can reach a consensus on the importance of beauty, and its place in our lives. The test of time is important, but the important time is now. And that is why we must educate children in the love of the beautiful and the capacity to distinguish the true from the phony examples." ~ Roger Scruton, philosopher, writer, Oxford University professor

18th May 2013
Steven Kenny

Through Beseeching Eyes and Beautiful Bodies

Stories told through beseeching eyes and beautiful bodies working to free themselves from physical and emotional strain and constraints.

18th May 2013

When Art Disturbs

Art as reflection of the inner and outer life of the artist. We get that. But there is another relationship that occurs in the artistic dance that is equally important for understanding more about humanity and about ourselves: Our own personal response to the art we encounter. What this reveals to us about what we value. And sometimes even about what we fear.

18th May 2013
Caitlin Karolczak

The Intersection of Beauty and Distress: the Paintings of Caitlin Karolczak

“I wrestle with this intersection of beauty and distress. As I reinvent the likeness of an individual, I give them authority from what was originally a position of vulnerability. My aim is to confront the viewer with sensations both of being the unconventional ‘other’ and of human commonality.

18th May 2013
Samuele Papiro

Samuele Papiro, Physical Therapist; Venice, Mestre, Italy

“Art is the dream life of humanity, both ugly and beautiful. You cannot represent the dark but with light. My photos are dark, but if you see me, it is because there exists light." -- Samuele Papiro

18th May 2013

The Aesthetics of Andrzej Dragan

“I like that art is artificial and that’s all I have to say about that. I also don’t particularly enjoy discussing about myself. The photographs I do are neither provoked, nor inspired; so I guess they somehow reflect the way I am.”

11th May 2013
deborah parkin

Wet Plate Collodion Photos Slow the Rush of Childhood

"When I look through the camera, I don’t just see the child in front of me but I feel the child that I was inside of me. I remember that it’s not always easy being a child, and that childhood, like adulthood, encapsulates an array of emotions. I believe that photographing my children has allowed me to remember this, and I do wonder if I hadn’t had such a connection through my photography, would I have been as in tune with them as I am now. Hopefully, I would have been, but I do feel this has definitely made me empathize with them on a much stronger level."

11th May 2013

To Feel, Again, the Magic: the Photography of Wojciech Piotrowicz

Perhaps I want to enter the world not accessible to adults anymore - to feel, see, live, to be so carefree again just for a while?

11th May 2013

Why Create Art? Or, Wrestling the Muse

"Maybe it was the mysterious disappearance of my mother that even now leads me to scan the sky." ~Agostino Arrivabene, painter; Milano, Italy

11th May 2013

The “Slippery” Photographs of Robert Siegelman

"Honesty is dangerous. For my work to have honesty and candor: Dangerous... What we are aroused by can be very surprising... There are somethings we know that we are aroused by, and that we consider “proper” or consistent with our self image. But watch out! Surprises happen!"