27th Apr 2013

Milo Klaassen, photographer, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Because of the emotional part of my photos, I hope people start seeing their own stories in the photos. I often hear that people recognize themselves in my work. That’s what I love about photography.”

25th Apr 2013

Stefan Fiedorowicz, Lyrical Abstract Artist

"I approach a blank canvas as if I was a matador confronting a bull. It is frightening for me. The canvas is my palette." ~Stefan Fiedorowicza, Vienna, Austria, lyrical abstract artist

21st Apr 2013

Alexandra Levasseur: Playing with Fire

"My stories are about the bipolarity of the human state of existence for sure. They reflect my inner uncertainties. Movement also means changes, transmutations! Changes in emotions, positions, locations, weather conditions; everything is related. Movement fascinates me at the point that I’m starting a major in film animation..."

20th Apr 2013

The Fantastic Works of Steven Kenny

'Being an artist can be an extremely lonely journey. The worst thing an artist can do is shut themselves off from the rest of the art world and wallow in their own creativity and draw only from their own relatively shallow well of inspiration. The best advice I could give would be to look at as much art as possible. Always study art history. Keep abreast of the art being created now." ~modern American painter, Steven Kenny

19th Apr 2013

“I Look for the Cracks,” Faiza Maghni

"I try to create a moment of poetry out of time, an intimate and hushed atmosphere." ~Faiza Maghni, Algerian painter now living and working in Paris.

18th Apr 2013

Pamela Dzaet Hill: How Agoraphobia Birthed a Painter

"I was agoraphobic for most of my life, beginning in my twenties and ending around the fifty-year mark. That is why you will rarely see a landscape in any of my paintings, I don't really know what it looks like. I don't understand it. People, on the other hand, I understand."

07th Apr 2013

Kirsten Stingle: Into the Shadows

"In this new collection of artwork I'm doing, 'Shadow Circus,' I follow the tradition of southern storytellers and looking at the shadow self. There's a lot that's going on subconsciously, and I'm trying to push it into my work. We all have a polite veneer yet we also all contain tragedy and brutality and absurdity. Most of the time we try to hide that." ~Kirsten Stingle, ceramicist

31st Mar 2013

It Starts with Touch

"Intention in touch is no small thing. We can all sense each other's intentions, even through the web, let alone with glances and body language. So of course, the more secure one is about their own intentions, the more effective their touch. I like to think of touch as 'bearing witness.' It is not of judgment, but understanding." -- Debra Benjamin, Reiki massage therapist; Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

29th Mar 2013

We the Innocents

Trust betrayed. Faith destroyed. Innocence lost. If you're an artist, you can take this loss and use it. That doesn't mean you can rewrite what happened or how it wrenched your soul.

23rd Mar 2013
Aron Demetz

New Works by Aron Demetz

Aaron Demetz, previously featured in the Combustus piece, "We the Innocents," (for a reposting, see below) has several new distressed wood sculptures on exhibit at Gazelli Art House in London, starting March 28th. Along with fellow sculptor Shan Hur, Demetzis is featured in the exhibit The Tainted.

21st Mar 2013
Don't be ridiculous

Dorielle Caimi: The Feminization of Parody

"I am not interested in painting images of sexual penetration. I really think that that kind of shock value in art is starting to desensitize people. My goal is to start making people more sensitive." ~Dorielle Caimi

17th Mar 2013
April Mansilla profile

April Mansilla: Touched By Fire

"I myself cannot comprehend illnesses outside of the ones I have had, but I can empathize, and I believe that is what art does: It draws the viewer past clinical definitions, and lets the viewer empathize on their own terms." ~April Mansilla