10th May 2013
Matthew Shlian

Matthew Shlian, Paper Engineer, Michigan, USA

“There is immediacy to paper. You may take a sheet and begin to work, or plan something out methodically. It is a medium with a memory and one with which you can naturally create a dialogue". -- Matthew Shlian

10th May 2013
Fotini Hamidieli

Fotini Hamidieli, Painter, Veria, Imathia, Greece

“Whenever my hands itch, I want to work. When an idea is buzzing in my head, then I must. It is time.

04th May 2013

The Surrealist Worlds of Lola Gil

Former tattoo artist Lola Gil isn't always pleased with what she sees when she looks around her. Often, in fact, life can be a real "nightmare." But that's where art comes in. Through her fantastical paintings, Gil is able to create not only a refuge for herself but also a safe haven for her fans.

04th May 2013
Ian Gamache

Leaving Normal: the Outsider Artists

One of the hardest things in the world is to piece together one's own Truth, inspired in part by what has already gone before, yet here and there altered to fit with a personal code and mores not necessarily shared by those who love you.

04th May 2013
Jennifer C McCarthy, Outsider Artist

Jennifer C McCarthy, Outsider Artist, El Paso, Texas, USA

"I'm not sure where my images come from; it seems as if they already exist and I am just discovering them, excavating them somehow, with the pens, ink, paint, scratches." -- Jennifer C. McCarthy

04th May 2013

Glenn Brady, Painter, Queensland, Australia

“I moved out to live with a bunch of other drunken teens. Around 1982 with no family around, I found punk rock, and got very involved in it. Like being a kid again. And part of ‘something.’ Colorful. And loud.”

04th May 2013

Alo Street Artist, East London and Italy

“I’ve always been drawn to those outside society. Myself, I feel I belong most to this side of mankind. I think the criteria people use to make this distinction is deeply wrong.” -- Alo, Street Artist

04th May 2013

Ken Law, Outsider Artist, Taiwan

My color combinations and mixing is nothing more than intuitive and all me. That’s why I call myself an Outsider Artist. I’m outside of the rules, and that feels right to me.”

04th May 2013

Ian Gamache: Outsider Artist

I don't consider what I do to be 'whining', in fact part of me agrees with the 'pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps' philosophy; but not everybody has boots, or even legs for that matter.

04th May 2013

Keemo, Outsider Artist, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I suppose according to the definition, I would be considered an outsider artist. Although, I don’t really give any thought to what label might be appropriate to where I fit into the art world. I just keep trying to make the art that I want to make and that is about it.”

28th Apr 2013

Fabio Sgroi, Photographer, Palermo, Italy

“My technique I developed myself. I never studied. Learned everything on my own; and that for me is important. If I travel to a city to shoot, I don’t follow the main street; I go to other small roads that eventually arrive at the main road."

27th Apr 2013

Magaly Ohika, Painter and Toy Designer

"When I was a child, I pictured the real world as a circus. It was the only way to cope with the ugly reality I found around me." -- Magaly Ohika