13th Apr 2013

When Tragedy Hits, Where Does Art Fit?

"Indigenous people believe that without artists, the tribal psyche would wither to death. Artistic ability, the capacity to heal, and the vision to see into the Other World are seen as connected. There is only a thin line between the artist and the healer. In fact, there is no word for art in the Dagara language. The closest term to it would be the same word as sacred." ~ Malidoma Some, The Healing Wisdom of Africa.

31st Mar 2013

It Starts with Touch

"Intention in touch is no small thing. We can all sense each other's intentions, even through the web, let alone with glances and body language. So of course, the more secure one is about their own intentions, the more effective their touch. I like to think of touch as 'bearing witness.' It is not of judgment, but understanding." -- Debra Benjamin, Reiki massage therapist; Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

29th Mar 2013

Sister Helen Prejean: “What I Saw Set My Soul On Fire”

"Human rights are unalienable to people. Simply because they are persons. Governments don't give human rights for good behavior. Nor can governments take them away." ~Sister Helen Prejean

19th Jan 2013

Steve Sapienza: Emmy award-winning news and documentary producer

Armed with only a small video camera that fits inside his backpack, along with a couple of microphones, the award-winning news and documentary producer has journeyed to some of the most remote and hostile parts of the world, in search of those stories which mainstream media does not cover, and which governments--both theirs and ours--hope the rest of us won't ever hear about. Or have forgotten.